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Date: Wednesday, 10:27 A.M.
From The Desk Of: Tony de Bree
Re: New: Easily Producing your Niche Articles/mini-sites with Niche Article Generator...

Dear Colleague,

do you feel tired like I do?  

Everybody is following one hype after another. First it was viral marketing, then it was niche marketing. Then it was about "article marketing". And this time the hype is about "niche article marketing". Hot niches online are niches on health, faith, healthy food, online dating and many more. So you find tons of articles on health, articles on healthy food, articles on healthy relationships, articles on online dating etc etc. And many services are launched providing private rights articles on many of these topics as you can read here.

Seems like everybody is trying to find their niche treasure with their name on it in big letters. Without really thinking.

Because everyone wants to find his or her special niche AND everybody wants FREE advertising. You do. I do. Everyone does.

So you've got a lot of competition - and it's growing every single day.

There are no exceptions.

But how about this: what  if you could find and mine your own private niche that nobody could take from you AND you would have more completely free advertising, you'd jump at it, wouldn´t you?

Well, there IS a very efficient completely free advertising source on the web that anyone can use in order to Generate Free Publicity, Free Promotion, Free Prospects And Free Profits Anytime 24/7! That is niche article marketing using niche articles. So what you and most people do is you include your articles in your autoresponders or you send them manually. Or you submit them to all kinds of article sub-mission sites and user groups on Yahoo! or Google.

But unfortunately most niche articles never reach the subscribers because of ant-spam filters. And if they do, people steal a lot of niche articles and put their own name in.

Ok, that is all bad news, but what if there was way to...

Pull In Extra Profit From Your Own Personal Niche You Choose,
Regardless of How Many Competitors You Have?

by beating the spam-filters AND protect your property at the same time?

Well there is. The secret is simple and we have been trying it out ourselves for weeks now together with 75 beta-testers from different niches (if you want to make sure not to miss the next hot product, join us here). 

They have been generating dozens of niche articles/mini sites with their own health articles, niche articles on faith, niche articles on beauty products, on giving yourself your own relaxing pedicure ever since! All in the form of mini sites! And they beat the spam-filters and they protect their articles against stealing if they want.

During our test-runs, we listened carefully to what they were saying and we have incorporated everything they wanted! Yes, everything! Here are just some of the reactions I received on the last version:

Hi Tony,

just checking in and taking this opportunity to say that I was bowled over by the first version, but I have to say that beta 6.4 is even better yet. I actually am having fun working on my computer again...I used version 6.3 to put together a couple of personal websites for friends that have been after me to do it for them for ages. 

It was a lot of fun. And the mini-sites look great too. I'd say that your software cut the amount of work I would have had to do in order to get those 2- 5 page sites together by more than half. It's easy and enjoyable and the end result is very satisfying to me and my friends.

By the way, two of my friends, asked me to tell you that  they thought that they would never get their mini-sites done, that is until you sent me the software to test. They both said to tell you thank you.

Virginia Randano,


just a quick note to tell you that the changes made are going to dramatically improve the program. 

With the changes recently made you've taken a diamond in the rough and polished it like only you can. 

Congratulations on another wonderful product!

                                                            Earl Adkins - 

Hi Tony
I just finished going through beta 6.4 and I really am impressed!

Edwin Green,

Wow Tony! Niche Article Generator definitely is a simple to use tool
that packs a serious punch.

Being able to create quality, viral articles in such a short time, complete with Search Engine optimized webpage is a huge time-saver in
my marketing and publishing efforts.

I really like the inclusion of the extra resource material and freebies. It makes for a great viral tool, even after a sale. 

                                                                  Xavier Nelson, Houston, Texas.

Hi Tony and thanks for letting me try the product. Overall it looks good. I think you have a winner here.

Lars Hanning,

Hi Dr. Tony,
Thank you for letting me betatestdrive your Niche Article Gen! Really nice application, very nice Indeed.
The pages produced is very high of quality and standard HTML at the same time. Great stuff!

Guido Holterbosch, The Netherlands

And to my big surprise, some of them have actually started to sell the niche articles/mini sites they make to others! Yes, you understood that right: they are actually earning money by producing their own niche articles/mini sites for others!

Fact: Just imagine you generate a 5 niche articles/mini-sites online for a friend of yours who owns a pet-shop and you ask $10 each (which is not the prices I hear from people they are paying!) . You have actually already earned the money back from buying NAG today!

So now its YOUR turn. We've decided to  make public this innovative  tool that had even some of the most experience niche marketers saying...

"Great Idea,  I wish I had thought of that!"

In order to protect the interests of our clients we limit the number of copies we sell, the number of copies we sell. And the same thing applies to different other Rights. We advise you to check this page out regularly to see what the score is!

"Combine Winning Viral Marketing Strategies with Article Marketing And Niche Marketing?

In a nutshell, it works like this...

  • You have found your own defendible personal niche, using an approach I am going to explain later on. There are only five easy steps to the process. I'll explain them later on.

  • You write a niche article using the process I'm going to explain below. There are only five easy steps to the process. I'll explain them later on. The idea is to write an article that relates to any product, service, list or site you want to promote. You provide the reader with useful information ... usually 500-700 words. That's not much to put together, even if you think "I'm not a writer." You can then use niche articles you bought for instance. I'll show you how below.

  • You create a "resource box" that points towards your site or list. A "resource box" is a simple 4-6 line "blurb" about YOU as the author. You can use it to mention briefly about what you do and you can point the reader of the niche article to any website or email address of your choosing. Including your affiliates if you want. This is where people can contact you for more information, take a look at the products you sell or join a list that you offer. Where you direct them to is completely up to you.

  • You generate the niche article in the form of a mini site (yes, Niche Article Generator is also a real mini site creator/mini site builder!). You can change and test as long as you like. If you are satisfied, you save the niche article AND the mini site. 

  • You load the niche article up to your website and send the link to the niche article/mini site with a short summary out to newsletter publishers for consideration. Whether you use a software program that does it for you, or contact a targeted list of publishers that accept niche article submissions, or submit your niche article to one or more of the 70+ article directories (free of charge), you get YOUR niche article into the hands of those that control the lists related to the topic of your niche article.

  • You generate traffic, subscribers and sales as they publish your niche article in the form of the mini site to their lists. When the interested publishers decide to print your niche article in their newsletter, you're in business. This, *literally* happens every day. It's a standard thing that many publishers do ... they don't have time to write articles all the time, so they find quality offerings from others and send it out to their subscribers. Some newsletter lists have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And YOUR niche article would be the "center of attention" for the particular issue it was published in. Traffic will follow.

"Sounds great," you might be thinking. "But HOW do I Earn Money with Niche Articles?"

Good question. And, as promised, here's your "crash-course" in doing just that...


Click here to see our trusted Autoresponder Partners. 

Now, the experience of everybody is like this: you can write a niche article in 20-30 minutes, send it out to publishers with the included feature to do that and *literally* have your niche articles in front of tens of thousands of leads in as little as a few hours. 

Not much work involved. Lots of profit potential.

Now, you may be thinking "But, what if I can't write? Or, what if I don't know how to organize my thoughts?"

I'm glad you asked. :-)

Niche Article Generator helps you generating niche article in the form of a mini site on the fly. It is the ideal tool in combination with viral article toolkit or any other sources of articles like private rights articles. It combines all features of viral marketing, niche marketing and article marleting. By Tony de Bree, Go4estrategy. Niche article, niche articles, articles on health, articles on faith, article on healthy relationships, articles on online dating, s, article marketing, article marketing strategies, article marketing ethics. NAG is a mini site creator/a mini site builder. And comes with free resell rights and a best deal guarantee.,, Announcing...

Niche Article Generator

Instantly Creates Attention Grabbing And Profit Producing Niche Articles In Minutes And With Little To No Effort..


I have made my life difficult according to some by including real writers or online business owners with hardly any IT-background in the test-teams. But I did that on purpose. I wanted everybody to be able to use the software.

I've just released a brand new software program that *literally* walks you through the entire process of creating and publishing Niche Articles in the form of three different mini sites. And you do not need to know any programming to be able to use it!

In fact, if you can answer questions, you can create your own niche articles to distribute.

Look, I recognize that not everyone can just write an Niche Article from scratch. Heck, when I first started, I couldn't either.

That's not your fault. And it shouldn't be a disadvantage to you.

That's why I developed together with those 75 beta-testers Niche Article help people like yourself take advantage of the enormous free advertising source found in writing and distributing niche articles. And if you are new on the Net, you can learn at the same time.

Fact: We absolutely filled our software and package with content like eBooks, Courses and Tips. You'll find ZERO "BS". Only practical and proven ideas to build several streams of profit from your personal niche(s).

I included all the rules, tricks, tactics and strategies that the top Niche Article writers in the world use and I programmed them into this new software that will have you writing your own articles in record time...

...even if you think you're not a writer! No problem. 

Fact: In order to help all our clients to earn their money back TODAY, we have included ready-to-load 15 Free Niche Articles/Mini Sites on different niches like health, home business, online dating, home business, eBay in the package we currently sell. You can change them, save them and publish them..

Don´t believe me?

Just read this feedback:

Hi Tony,

I just tried out the Niche Article Generator  software and I must say I'm impressed. I really like how the software takes care of formatting everything.  

You just put in the text and it does the tedious work for you. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this is going to be a real time saver for me!

I also really like how NAG gives you the chance to 'brand' the page you're making and include pictures, and the extra bits of functionality the pages are created with (print function, bookmark us, add to favorites &
recommend us.)

You outdid yourself on this one, Tony! I'll be sure to recommend NAG to everyone I know.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to betatest your software. 

Take care and regards,
                                                Kim Enders,

How does Niche Article Generator™ work?

"This sounds great!" you're probably thinking. "But, how does it work?"

With Niche Article Generator™´s  template interface, all you do is answer a series of questions, click a button and you're done!

It is really very simple...

Step 00: Install the Software.
Installing the software is easy because the download file contains an installation routine, that installs everything automatically on your PC. So no difficult procedures needed.

Step 01: Launch the Software
After you download the tool, simply double-click the Niche Article Generator™ icon and the software will automatically launch for you to begin using. There is HELP every step of the way and you have the user guide.

Step 02: Follow the Simple Instructions
Once you open the software, you'll find very easy-to-understand instructions. You will be guided throughout the entire niche article creation process from entitling your article to putting on the finishing touches.

Step 03: Fill-In The Blanks
Each step of the way has questions and examples to help you create the perfect Niche Article. Simply insert your answers to the questions into the provided blanks and move on through the Q&A process. With the supplied samples, creating your own original article is a breeze.

Step 04: Click the "Preview" Button
After having filled in all information, simply click on the Preview button. You then can see the result in a special window. Test and change the niche article until you are happy.

Step 05: Save your Niche Articles
Yes, you are reading that right! One of the features we added at the last moment at the request of our beta-testers is that Niche Article Generator™ actually generates MULTIPLE versions of the niche article in the form of a mini site! Upon completing the process, you can select a few output options to save the articles. Depending on what you want to do with it.

Step 06: Protect your Niche Articles
Before publishing your niche articles, we tell you how to protect them against copying and theft. We recommend that especially if they are your own articles.

Step 07: Publish your Niche Articles
The last step to go through is to upload them to your own site. If you do not have one, we will publish them on our special client-site and you can link to them without any cost.

Really, that's it!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Using
Niche Article Generator™ Today!

  • Write And Publish Niche Articles in a fraction of the normal time. Instead of working on a Niche Article for hours trying to get "direction" on how to proceed, simply follow-along the series of questions inside Niche Article Generator's powerful interface.

  • Increase publicity, promotion, prospects and profits. When other publishers begin reproducing your niche articles in their newsletters, and when you'll automatically increase your publicity, promotion, prospects and profits... without spending a penny! Niche Article distribution is the ultimate "free advertising" tool. By using the e-mal function, you can forward them immediately to article-submission sites/service-providers.

  • Easy to follow "fill-in-the-blanks" user interface. If you can answer questions, then you can write and publish your own original Niche Articles to use as marketing tools. There isn't anything complicated at all when you use Niche Article Generator. Answer the first question (example answers provided!), then move on to the next question. In a matter of minutes you can have your own niche articles ready to publish ... even if you have no writing experience at all!

  • Easily make any changes you want. Of course, you'll be able to make any changes you want to the completed niche article. Anytime you want to update your niche article (email addresses, links and even techniques change frequently on the web) you'll be able to open the file you saved.

  • Reuse parts of old Niche Articles. In order to save you time and money, you can save the content of the Niche Articles. If then afterwards, you want to generate new ones, you can reuse parts of the old ones. You just load the content, change a small part and GO!

  • Cut and paste ready made articles. In order to save you time and money, you can also drop in ready made articles you have bought from different sources like the Viral Article Toolkit, Private Rights Articles or other sources of niche articles like Nicheology.  Again, you just load the content, change a small part and GO!

  • Save the output of Niche Article Generator™  in different formats. In order to make sure your Niche Article gets through the SPAM-Filters, the advised output is HTML. However, if you want you can also save it in other formats like in text-format. You can also forward the generated niche articles directly as email attachments to a publisher in an email!

  • Create an unlimited number of Niche Articles. Unlike some other tools, you are never required to pay additional fees as you create additional articles. With Niche Article Generator™ you may create as many articles as you want for the rest of your life ... for one low price.

  • Save more than 50% off the regular price on the limited number of Resell Rights Packages when you order today. And speaking of "low price", when you order this package today, you'll receive over 50% off the regular suggested Resell Rights Price. This discount is subject to change and I reserve the right to remove it at any time.

  • 100% complete satisfaction money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to risk with Niche Article Generator . If you are unhappy with this package for any reason (you don't even have to tell me what it is!), I'll promptly refund your entire purchase price with no questions asked.

Here is what you will receive when you
Download Niche Article Generator™ TODAY!

  • Niche Article Generator™ software program. You will receive the latest version of the tool itself in a self-contained executable file (.EXE) with easy to use set-up program . Sorry, it is NOT Macintosh compatible. You must be operating Windows 95 or newer and have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed in order to use the tool. ($97.00 value)

  • NEW: Continuously Updated  User Guide. A instruction manual is also available, complete with screenshots and detailed instructions to help you make the most of this incredible tool. And we made it dynamic, because every time somebody asks a question, we will include the topic in the manual.  NOTE: This instruction manual really isn't necessary (the tool is so easy, you won't need instructions) but we included it "just in case".  ($27.00 value)

  • NEW: 15 Free Niche Articles/sales sites/mini sites. We are running our business on the basis of "winning-by-sharing online". So in order to make sure that you can you can earn your investment back as quick as possible, we have generated 15 Niche Articles and have saved them. They cover niches like online marketing, niche articles, viral marketing, eBooks, eBay, online dating and a few more. And you can use these as sales pages! ($99.95 value)

  • NEW: Client only affiliate program. Inside Niche Article Generator we explain how you can become an affiliate of our new affiliate program. In order to protect your interest and ours, we limit the program to clients only and with a maximum number of copies sold and affiliates. That is what we call "winning-by-sharing-online".  You will get a banners, boxes and images ($97.00 value).

You can't lose with our guilt-free NO RISK guarantee
And access to the ENTIRE PACKAGE
for only $49.00 $59.00 as an introduction price.

So our only question to you is...

What's It Worth To Be Mining and Defending Your Own Personal Niche And Earn An Extra Income Out Of That?

Why even think about it?

Your one-time investment for this innovative tool is $49 (but hurry, the price will go up soon as you can see under here), the 15+ free niche articles, the user guide and unpublished bonuses as long as you are quick.

Lowest Price Today
Until 12/11/2005
Until 19/11/2005
Until 26/11/2005
Resell Rights Sales Ends

It will stay at $79 as long as the maximum number of licenses has not been reached. At the speed at which it goes now however, I can not guarantee how long that will be.

Anyway, we believe that this tool is so valuable that we want to put it in as many hands as possible. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to earn money with articles, your own or private rights articles  online and not only "the experts" with a lot of cash.

Frankly, if you tried just wrote and published one niche article, you would probably  still make more money than your investment in this package. And as you have seen from the feedback above, you can even use it to create niche articles/sites for others!

That's why we're also including...

Free Resell Rights To Niche Article Generator™
Software and User Guide

That's right! When you order Niche Article Generator™ TODAY, you'll also receive a license to resell the product to other people and keep all the profits. (CLICK HERE to read our Reseller License Agreement for more details). This limited offer includes a:

Niche Article Generator™ Website. You will receive a complete sales site of four pages ($197.00 value) helping you sell Single User Copies of Niche Article Generator ™.

And you can of course use the 15 Niche Articles as a sales page!

But these is more. We also offer you what we call...

A Unique Best Deal Guarantee To Clients That Purchase Niche Article Generator™  From Us!

So what does that mean? Well, as you probably know, you can do many things to promote the sales of a package like this one. The conditions might change or the composition of the package might change.

What we do is we always give the Best Deal to our own clients. This means that if we decide to propose a better deal later on on this site by for instance giving more articles for Niche Article Generator than what older clients like you received from us, we will also give that deal to you! That is why we ask you to register your copy.

And remember, if you're not completely satisfied about our product you're still backed by our...


The Niche Article Generator™ software comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60-days money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this product isn't right for you, just email your reseller at anytime within the next 60 days and we'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

That's A FULL MONTH to put our "Package" to the test - all the risk is on us. I don't think we could be any more fair than that!

Use the software and begin seeing immediate results from this system, or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

Niche Article Generator™ works for saw the great reviews from our beta-testers and clients and it has worked for others. And we know that it'll work for you. Now all you have to do is prove it to yourself beforer the price goes up...

Niche Article Generator helps you generating niche article in the form of a mini site on the fly. It is the ideal tool in combination with viral article toolkit or any other sources of articles like private rights articles. It combines all features of viral marketing, niche marketing and article marleting. By Tony de Bree, Go4estrategy. Niche article, niche articles, articles on health, articles on faith, article on healthy relationships, articles on online dating, article marketing, article marketing strategies, article marketing ethics. NAG is a mini site creator/a mini site builder. And comes with free resell rights and a best deal guarantee.,,

Niche Article Generator helps you generating niche article in the form of a mini site on the fly. It is the ideal tool in combination with viral article toolkit or any other sources of articles like private rights articles. It combines all features of viral marketing, niche marketing and article marleting. By Tony de Bree, Go4estrategy. Niche article, niche articles, articles on health, articles on faith, article on healthy relationships, articles on online dating, s, article marketing, article marketing strategies, article marketing ethics. NAG is a mini site creator/a mini site builder. And comes with free resell rights and a best deal guarantee.,,

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server Using Clickbank or Paypal

(24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you nothing but success,
Tony de Bree

P.S. Inside Niche Article Generator™ there are instructions about how to get your free niche articles and your user guide including free updates, how you can get cheap content without writing a word yourself and how you can earn money with your own personal niche.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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